LRRC Race Series

2017 LRRC Race Series Rankings can be found on our Results Page.

The 2017 Lynchburg Road Runners Race Series celebrates its 15th year! Races are scheduled April thru August and are a variety of distances. Participants score points in two categories; their age group and overall male or female. The goal of the race series is to help motivate individuals to stay healthy and stay running.

You DO NOT have to be a member of the Lynchburg Road Runners (LRRC) to participate. However, registration discounts are given to LRRC members. RUNNERS QUALIFY FOR SERIES AWARDS & RANKING BY PARTICIPATING IN NO LESS THAN 4 RACES. (Race Directors who direct an event are eligible having completed 3 series races.) The more race series races you complete, the more points you can accumulate. See below for “Best of 6” series rule.

Points will be awarded to all participants in every race based on the quality of their performance as compared to others in their gender division. Cumulative point totals from the race series will be posted prior to the next event in the series, so all participants will know how they rank in comparison with others in their gender. Chip time will be used to determine a participants official “race series” place for each race series event.

2017 LRRC Race Series Point Allocation:

· Points between 0-99.9 will be awarded based on each participants percentile finish in their gender division. (for example a runner placing 20th out of 100 finishers would score approximately 80 points)

· Runners must complete at least 4 races in the series to be eligible for awards for the series

· Scores for all series races a runner competes in will be used for the cumulative totals.

· Bonus points of 20% will be calculated for the Half marathon.

· A participant‘s age as of 6/30/2017 will be used to determine the age division for the series awards.

· Final determination of awards will be awarded the same as individual races – top 3 overall will be determined first, then master’s runners and then age divisions. Earning an overall award or master’s awards takes precedence over and removes you from consideration of an age group award.

First introduced in 2016, The “Best of Six” approach is more forgiving if you have to miss a race.

Here’s how it will work. You still have to complete 4 races to be eligible for a race series award. Of those eligible, we’ll count your best 6 race scores. For any race you don’t finish, your score will be 0.

Points awarded for the Lynchburg Half Marathon will be weighted 20% more than other series races.

The Half Marathon distance is not for everyone. Points will be awarded for both the Half Marathon and 5k held in August. Runners concerned about accumulating the most points should review their place standing for each of the Race Series events they have completed and choose wisely the event that they feel will provide the most points.

Awards are given to the top 3 overall male / female and top Masters (40 yrs. old and up). Awards are given to the top 3 male/female in each age group. A special award will be presented to those that complete all 7 races. A presentation is made at the November meeting of the Lynchburg Road Runners. Award recipients who cannot attend the awards presentation have until December 31, 2016 to pick up their awards at Riverside Runners, 2480 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, VA 24503 / 434-846-7449.

The 2017 Lynchburg Road Runners Race Series does not cost anything additional to the entry fee charged for each race.


Race #1 – Point of Honor 5k

Saturday April 1, 2017





Race #2 – Spring Into Spring 4 Miler 

Saturday April, 22, 2017



Race #3 – Memorial Day 10K

Monday May 29, 2017



 Race #4 – HumanKind 5k

Saturday June 17, 2017







Percival'sSignRace #5 – Percival’s Island Firecracker 5 Miler

Saturday July 1, 2017






Race #6 – Commonwealth Games 5k

Saturday July 15, 2017








Race #7 – Lynchburg Half Marathon & 5k

Saturday August 12, 2017



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