Meet Jeff

Some of my best memories have been made while running with friends. Who would know that my first track and field experience at age 8 would lead to a life-time of running memories as a competitive athlete, coach, and running store owner? I sure didn’t. As a Lynchburg College student-athlete I fell in love with the Lynchburg community and made it my home. I enjoy the accomplishment of an early sunrise run on Rivermont Avenue or the Blackwater Creek Bikeway. My favorite distance to race is the 5k although you’ll typically find me organizing one rather than racing.

My running is inspired by the accomplishments of others in our sport and the promise that you’ll get out of running what you put into it.

What I’m loving right now:
  • Garmin 620: The best running watch I’ve ever owned. It does everything except wash my car. I can spend hours reviewing training data after a tough workout.
  • Adidas Glide Boost is my favorite running shoe. For me, it offers the perfect blend of cushioning while staying super responsive.
  • Feetures Elite: Stretchy and supportive…especially through the arch. Gotta love the flashy colors too.
  • Brooks Infiniti Short Tight: You can’t own enough spandex right?. No matter how slow the pace I always feel “spinter” fast with these on.