Meet Jen

I ran cross country and track in middle school and one year on college. I started to run longer distances after college and ran my first half and full marathon while I was living in the Bahamas. Due to injuries after the full marathon, I thought I would never be much of a runner if run at all; however, after moving to Lynchburg, I started to run more frequently and decided to run a few of the local races and attempt another marathon. I guess all the unavoidable hills in Lynchburg managed to get me in enough shape to qualify for the Boston marathon! I will be running Boston this coming April 2015. I love running in Lynchburg because there is a great community of runners, tons of great running events through Riverside Runners, and variety of running courses whether it is trail or road. Be sure to check out our Riverside Runners “events” page to find out the next race or community fun run.

What I am loving right now:

I love the feeling of stepping into a brand new running shoe. Although I have become quite picky since working in a running store with all the opportunities to try different shoes, the Adidas glide boost for long distance running and the energy boost for speed work have become my favorites. The Hoka Stinson Light is competing to steal my love for the Adidas shoes, but it has not quite happened yet; however, I like the extra cushion the Hoka provides. I never leave for a run without my Garmin forerunner 10 because I want to keep on pace. I also like to add a few accessories such as calf sleeves, merino wool Feetures socks, or head bands to keep me extra warm and add a little color and style.